• A Bad Boy can be Good for a Girl
    by: Tanya Lee Stone
  • A Nap in a Lap
    by: Sarah Wilson
  • Double Luck, Memoirs of a Chinese Orphan
    by: Lu Chi Fa with Becky White
  • Dragon Tooth Trouble
    by: Sarah Wilson
  • Elizabeth Leads the Way
    by: Tanya Lee Stone
    Illustrated by: Rebecca Gibbon
  • Friends and Pals and Brothers, Too
    by: Sarah Wilson
    Illustrated by: Leo Landry
  • George Hogglesberry, Grade School Alien
    by: Sarah Wilson
    Illustrated by: Chad Cameron
  • How Butterbees Came to Bee!
    by: Lana Bloch and Tania Bloch
    Illustrated by: Academy Award Winner, David Michener
  • Hugging the Rock
    by: Susan Taylor Brown
  • Jingle the Brass, Now You’re Railroading
    by: Patricia Newman
    Illustrated by: Michael Chesworth
  • Oliver’s Must-Do List
    by: Susan Taylor Brown
    Illustrated by: Mary Sullivan
  • Star Baby
    by: Margaret O’Hair
    Illustrated by: Erin Eitter Kono
  • The Day We Danced in Underpants
    by: Sarah Wilson
    Illustrated by: Catherine Stock
  • Twin to Twin
    by: Margaret O’Hair
    Illustrated by: Thierry Courtin

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